Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Brief Lesson In Humility: Humans Are Sheep

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A Brief Lesson In Humility
Humans Are Sheep

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Sheepies are so cute!!!!!!!!!!!
One thing I like to keep in mind these days is that the Bible calls us Christians, sheep. This is a real insult because sheep are the dumbest animals on earth. Dumber than chickens, and chickens are so dumb that they can actually live without a brain for a very short period of time after getting their heads chopped off. They will run around spurting blood and die 15 or 20 seconds later. (Gross I know). This clearly demonstrates their lack of need for a brain, yet sheep are still dumber than chickens! It's sorry to see that so many Christians are arrogant enough to believe they are doing "alright in Christ," so to speak, as so much grace is offered by Christ yet those who are complacent in Christ reap little benefit from forgiveness. These people need a real working understanding of grace and humility! As a young man who makes constant mistakes and spends virtually every step of my alleged "following Christ" walking the wrong direction, I take solace in the fact that God loves me and everyone else even though we are so stupid compared to Him. In the past I have found people with substantially less intellect irritating to my nerves, but the Lord has taught me good ol' humility since then. This is a wonderful lesson to comprehend because not many people realize how stupid they are. For example as a quick reality check, God calls us sheep, where Christ is our Shepherd. I find it amazing that so few articles mention just how insulting it is to be called a sheep because sheep are so stupid that if they walk on a creek bed and see grass under the water, they will eat the grass underneath the water yet they are too stupid to come up for air, and will die from water inhalation when they suddenly gasp for air involuntarily. Mass sheep death would occur worldwide if not for human shepherds governing their every move. These shepherds keep very careful watch over them because they die from some really ridiculous things.
To further elaborate this reality check to all Christians, sheep are so stupid that when they will hear water at the bottom of a gigantic cliff, they will get thirsty and literally walk off the cliff to a long falling death if the shepherd does not notice their peril and stop them before they walk off the edge. In fact, they are so stupid that shepherds often have to break their legs to forcibly prevent them from accidentally killing themselves! It sounds cruel, but it's either that or they accidentally commit suicide. With this in mind, a person would have to admit that in all likelihood all sheep would have died from natural selection at the beginning of creation if it weren’t for human intervention as shepherds. Similarly, it is in the same way all humans would have killed themselves and each other without Christ, who is our Shepherd. We are stupid like sheep, and if a man or woman in Christ realizes this then they will also know that this means God's grace and forgiveness is not generous solely due to love, but also because we are so stupid that if Christ was not absolutely generous with His grace we would all die still from ourselves. Hopefully no one will go walking off a cliff now that they have read this...

Anyone who has ever felt that they are doing well with Christ should understand that it is only by absolute grace that we are even prevented from all killing ourselves in our mounting sins as we near the end times. Just as sheep often kill themselves in their own stupidity, we too are stupid and fall into sin just as sheep fall off cliffs, even when it means that sin is our certain death. This sin-condition will worsen as we near the end times, so remember this verse below to help solidify this lesson in humility and the coming of the end of the age...
Matthew 24:22
22 “If those [end times] had not been cut short [by Christ's intervention], no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened."
GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!A Brief Lesson In Humility: Humans Are Sheep