Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Faith for Those Who Worry

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Faith for Those Who Worry
First, read these verses:
Matthew 6:25-34
Hebrews 11:8
2 Corinthians 11:30
Revelation 2:24-29
Deuteronomy 23:14
James 2:23
Mark 16:15-16
Philippians 4:6-7

Isaiah 40:25-31
Do not worry about your home situation, food, or any thing at all. Abraham was led by the Lord without knowing where he would go, but simply went and was provided for. Do this, I admonish you, for if you abandon yourself to God you will see his miracles. Abraham’s faith was his cushion in the Lord which earned him the title “friend of God,” and he was so blessed, and became the father of all nations! Just so, the same will come to you with God’s blessings. DO NOT THINK about your fears or worries when they come, reject them by faith, for by faith you can know in your heart that your mind cannot make straight paths for you, nor can you stop the path the Lord sets before you when He intends you to walk it. So walk! for the Lord knows your fears and worries already, and He will not test you beyond your faith, but will test in a manner that will bring glory to Him and great changes to you. I say, revel! revel! revel! in the uncertainty for the faith you walk on will be septupled by peace when your faith holds, for to hold faith in Christ is to await heaven itself no matter what is happening to you or around you on earth. Be bold in your walk just as you are bold in your prayers which place you in front of God’s throne, for if you ask, then surely you can give.

And throw all caution to the wind because it serves only to hinder, for the Lord knows all and walks before you even when you do not realize it. Know in your heart, the Lord PROMISED my needs, how can I possibly have doubt? Faith! my friend. Be proud of God therefore that you can boast of His promise before its fulfillment, and walk upright with your eyes heavenward moments before tribulation comes for you already believe in God’s promise and choose not to entertain the worries. Knowing well that all is taken care of will smooth out what could be a horrible experience, no doubt which you will regret for doubting when God still fulfills His promise despite your lack of faith! So take faith now, and walk headstrong in your weakness, for in weakness and dependence you are perfected in Christ Jesus.

And if you should worry, do so only about Christ’s kingdom, about your heart for Him, and how to be a pleasure and how to be of help to Him and those He loves, for it is the only thing in life you are truly tasked with unendingly. The trials never end, so turn the trial into peace, for God promised all your needs…and the fears stem from control, wanton wants, and faith issues. Those who fear and worry are not right in the Lord. Stamp it out like the flame it is before it burns out of control, and your faith turns to cinders. God loves you, and He is in perfect control and cannot break His promise to you. Know that all things which happen, happen according to His will, and the proper attitude will bring the light of understanding for all circumstances.