Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wonder and Perish: A Poem About Christ's Grace

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Wonder and Perish!
Christ’s Grace Is a Gift
Acts 13:41

By Kyle Echols © 12/11/2013

What if Christ came not as child,
Nor in love with temper mild,
But came as GOD in fright’ning pow’r,
To cleanse our sins by righteous scour…

Would Grace be more appealing then?
Forever praised is Christ, amen!

And if the Son came not as Man,
To preach the Word in two-year span,
But came instead in Father’s awe,
And with Him too His perfect Law…

Would your heart adore Him then?
Forever praised is Christ, amen! 

Or if He measured gain to loss,
And found us wanting of His cross,
Then baptized us not in His Blood,
But sent to earth another flood… 

Would you pick your cross up then?
Forever praised is Christ, amen!

Alas, the gift of Grace is love,
Like Noah who with mourning dove,
Was granted then another chance,
To follow God in great romance.

So like the dove is Christ to those,
Who follow Him without repose,
That Cross of Grace so like the coos,
Of Noah’s dove, our ebbing dues. 

Forever praised is Christ, amen!