Wednesday, February 12, 2014

“Any man can rise to be a hero during the extraordinary, but it takes true strength and endurance to live with joy during the ordinary parts of our lives while doing the ordinary things we don’t want to do. Being a hero has clear-cut purpose, glory, and there’s the power in all of us to rise to the occasion no matter how demanding it may be, yet so few of us have the strength in Christ to praise Him with a joyous heart during our everyday lives,
Judy Ann Allison Echols, my Mother 10/25/12

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SECTION 1: Truly Following, Living, and Dying
For Jesus Christ As We Are Called To
SECTION 2: Living a Christ Centered Life
SECTION 3: Realizing Christ's Love For Us
SECTION 4: Strength, Courage, and Loving Others
In Christ's Name
SECTION 5: The Purpose of Sin and Evil
SECTION 6: Sex, Homosexuality, Drugs,
Pornography, and Addictions
SECTION 7: Endtimes